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As you go about sampling the best beaches during your Cyprus Holidays, don’t forget to check out the Dhekelia beach. 



Tucked away at the British Base, at the end of the coastal road, the little Dhekelia bay has it all! Safe shallow waters for the children, grey sand for sandcastles, a brand new playground with soft protective floor, a restaurant with wifi, and the obligatory ice cream shop. If you are fan of fish and chips, you will find the best ones on the island here, at Lambros restaurant! In case the children feel adventurous, let them climb the rocks covered with the remains of ancient sea creatures. Who knows? You might find the odd crab and other see animals in the crevice pools.


If you are lucky, you will meet Nick, the ice cream van guy. You won’t get a cheap plain vanilla with a flake, but you will get proper ice cream in several different flavours and a choc stick to boot. Two big scoops will set you back around two euros and you get a real wafer cone, not the cheap carboard-y one.


If you walk a little bit further from Dhekelia beach just opposite the Adventurous Training Center, you will see another smaller bay with a pebbly beach that is basically empty. Nothing stops you from using this little beach, so go ahead and enjoy your Cyprus Holidays. Just know that there are no facilities in this one. 


On the contrary, you can rent a sun lounger and an umbrella for two euros per day each in the Cessac beach and stay there until the stars adorn the firmament. With showers and toilet facilities in situ, all the family needs are covered.



Dhekelia beach verdict  Dekhelia Beach

Dhekelia Beach verdict: one of our favourites because it is not too busy. 

How to get to Dhekelia beach: Follow the old coastal road from Larnaca and enter the south gate of the British Base.

Akrotiri and Dhekelia Base Regiment: Don’t worry, the beach, like all the others on the island, is a public one.

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