cyprus-beach-sign  Cyprus Holidays Beaches

The crystal-clear Cyprus beaches  are one of the first reasons to love spending holidays to Cyprus. The waters are clean and shallow and therefore safe for the children, the sand can form the most spectacular of sandcastles and almost all Cyprus beaches are well equipped with sun-loungers, umbrellas, showers and toilets.

With 57 blue flag beaches in Cyprus, there is always something for everybody: the child-friendly shallow waters of the Larnaka area are ideal for care-free families spending enjoying their much-deserved Cyprus Holidays.

The pebbly Cyprus beaches of the cosmopolitan Limassol area will attract the young at heart, while the wild beauty of Pafos beaches will captivate the adventurous.

For a more tropical atmosphere, the other end of the island offers tropical green-blue waters of the Portaras area.

Surely, if life at the beach is your definition of holidays, Cyprus Holidays will be the only ones for you. With the bathing season starting on April 15 and continuing until the very end of October, your Cyprus Holidays will be a long summer at the beach!




cyprus-holidays-weather  Cyprus Holidays Weather

Can you say Sun Island? Cyprus enjoys a solid 320 sunny days, year after year, after year!The temperatures seldom plummet below 15 degrees ℃ even in the middle of winter.

One Christmas day we got some glorious winter sun and were in our short sleeves. The temperature? A pleasant 20 degrees Celsius! But that was not all. That New Year’s day, the children dived in the pool and had a hearty swim. The temperature was 17 ℃.

Yes, your Cyprus Holidays Weather is guaranteed to be awesome! Cyprus is considered one of the warmest Mediterranean islands and for a good reason. July and August will be definitely the warmest months, but don’t worry, the temperature at night will be pleasant at about 20 degrees Celsius. With such great climate, you are bound to enjoy your Cyprus Holidays.



cyprus-holidays-food  Cyprus Holidays Food

Ah, food, glorious food! Fresh bread, sweet-smelling herbs and tasty, locally-grown vegetables, orgranic fruit and tempting sweet tidbits!

Every time we come to spend holidays to Cyprus we expand our culinary repertoire and develop adventurous taste buds – even the children! Speaking of children, your Cyprus Holidays will be the ideal time to stuff them with tasty fresh fruit that tastes nothing like the unripe samples we get in the UK. Try chilled watermelon, ten different varieties of grapes and sweet apricots and peaches. Don’t shun the more exotic cactus fruit! It is really good.

The Cypriot cuisine ( Cyprus food) is surprisingly accommodating towards vegan and vegetarian lifestyles, but if meat is your thing, you could not find any more barbecue-friendly holiday place. The famous “souvla” (skewered meat) will tantalise your nose until you succumb to one of the numerous “psistaria” restaurants (carvery).

Cyprus being the cosmopolitan place it is, you will have plenty of opportunities to try food from different countries. If on the other hand, you are homesick for the tastes of Old Albion, fret not. The extraordinary large number of British expats keep several places serving the usual staples. Your Cyprus holidays need not be void of the good old portion of fish and chips. Oh yes, we will tell you where to find the best places for them!



cyprus-hotels  Cyprus Holidays Hotels

We will also tell you where to find the best Cyprus Holidays hotels. Whether you are looking for picturesque boutique hotels run as family business or all-dancing, all-singing, mega complex resorts, you are surely going to strike a deal.

You might be looking for Cyprus all-inclusive resorts, or a hidden gem off the beaten track; well, watch this space. Cyprus has a plethora of hotels and you are bound to find a cost-effective one without stretching your budget and without compromising on quality.

After all, the famous Cypriot hospitality will not let you down, whatever your choice of hotel. One thing is certain: Your holidays to Cyprus will be comfortable: having a clean and customer service-oriented hotel to stay in will make all the difference when you come tired at the end of the day, or when you want to catch forty winks for your middle-of-the-day siesta. A lot of Cyprus hotels offer additional spa services so you can pamper your skin and hair before returning to the routine of the everyday life back home.


cyprus-holidays-villas-icon  Cyprus Holidays Villas

Then again, you might prefer the privacy of a Cyprus Holidays villa. Think of it: Your very own swimming pool, your very own kitchen, our very own lounge with wifi and entertainment equipment and your very own BBQ! Air-conditioning and ample parking are standards.

You can also find villas with heated pools in case you are visiting off season. You can find villas near the airport of your choice or near a golf club. You might want your Cyprus villa near the beach, or further up the ragged side of the mountain, with magnificent views of the Mediterranean sea and still a stone’s throw from the beach. You can have it all: your holidays to Cyprus can and will be unforgettable with your own Cyprus Holidays villas.


cyprus-holidays-maountains-icon2  Cyprus Holidays Mountains

Talking about mountains, Troodos Mountains (pronounced Troh-oh-dos) is situated smack in the middle of the island. Apart from the fact you can spend winter Cyprus Holidays there, you can always take a respite from the beach and find solace in its cool and leafy villages.

The Troodos Mountains reaches up to almost 2000 meters high (1.952 meters, to be exact) and yes, you can even ski in one of the four ski pistas. The mountain offers unique habitat of several indigenous animals and plants, has some of the most spectacular walking and mountain bike trails and several historical and cultural sites such as little byzantine churches dating from the 1200s. Of course, a mountain with snow-capped pinnacles, gargling streams of water and thick forests cannot but foster the source of several myths and legends. Get ready to be enchanted!



cyprus-holidays-agrotourism-icon  Cyprus Holidays Agrotourism

Hinged in the slopes of Troodos Mountains are villages that were once the pride of the Cypriot independent spirit and home to a booming agriculture-based economy.

Far from being deserted, these villages are popular holiday destinations all year round. And why should they not? Their cobblestone streets create a maze of neighbourhoods adorned with low cottages engulfed in bougainvilleas and jasmin; each step transfers us back to the previous century and reminds us of the simple pleasures of life: the simple meal after a day’s hard work, the warmth of family ties, good music, and laughter.

Should you chose to spend your Cyprus Holidays in one of those villages, prepare to be amazed with the hospitable locals and their friendly service.



cyprus-holidays-bike-icon  Cyprus Holidays Bicycling

Wheee! Oh, the exhilarating feeling of biking downhill on a gravel path, straddling the saddle, feet on the pedals, hands holding the handlebars tight and barely touching the brakes. The mountain cycling path becomes a blurry grey, the pine trees a solid green on your peripheral vision as you race downhill.Your eyes are fixed on the path ahead, your hair is blown by the wind and you know you are grinning like a fool because when you bike in Cyprus you feel the sense of freedom you felt the first time ever you balanced on a bike.

You are a child again, strong, capable and oh, so free! Spend your Cyprus Holidays bicycling and you will feel the muscle tension when you go uphill the mountain, or the breeze of the fragrant summer air as you follow the flat winding road among the banana plantations.



cyprus-holidays-tours-icon  Cyprus Holidays Tours

Suppose you want to spend a few days touring around, checking out the major Cyprus sightseeing destinations. Where to go first?

Thank your lucky stars, Fancy has prepared itineraries of the most important sights on the island. What’s to see around Pafos? From the sea caves and the shipwreck to the Tomb of the Kings, will find our tours invaluable. Do you have only a day to go up the Troodos Mountain? Follow our tour to say “been-there, done-that”. Do you have children on tow? What’s the best child-friendly amusement parks and attractions? What else can you see on your way to a Water Park? What about an off-the-beaten-track cultural Tour? Your Cyprus Holidays would not be complete without a few days visiting the numerous sights.



Cyprus-holidays-Sports-Skiing-icon  Cyprus Holidays Skiing

Cyprus has an international fame as a sunny, summer holiday destination, you know that. But did you know that if you are on the island of Cyprus from January to March, and the weather is right, you can have fun in the four pistas on Troodos Mountain?

An island so close to Africa and the deserts of Middle East has skiing slopes! Cyprus Holidays in the snow! Crazy, isn’t it? On Chionistra peak (pronounced Chio-ne-strah), the tallest peak of Troodos you will have fun for an affordable amount of money. The equipment might not be the latestword of fashion, but it will be functional and you can rent out a kit without breaking the bank. You will not find celebrities and 

Cyprus-Holidays-skiingprofessional skiers there and if you are a seasoned skier, be warned, this is not the Alps, but you will have lots of fun and nobody will snicker when you fall flat on your face – again. Find more details in
SkiCyprus website.


cyprus-holidays-tent-icon  Cyprus Holidays Camping

If you are a free-spirit and you’d rather breathe the cool night air rather than the air condition, you might consider camping. It remains a superb opportunity to come up close and personal with nature.

Camping is not very popular with Cypriots so the campsites will definitely not be overcrowded. This means that you can spend your Cyprus Holidays in a way the children will never forget. The great outdoors will be theirs and only theirs to discover.

There are camping sites in the forests of Troodos mountain and near the sea. Most of them have cooking facilities, toilets and showers and cater for both tents and caravans. The more organised ones offer a coin-operated laundrette and even a small supermarket during peak holiday times.


cyprus-holidays-car-hire  Cyprus Holidays Car Hire

Although public transport exists in Cyprus, most holiday-makers prefer the independence of a hired car. Prepare to go places and enjoy your Cyprus Holidays!

Prices are steep during the peak season and very affordable off-peak as you can imagine. But with such great climate, don’t be afraid to visit Cyprus in April or October and benefit from the low premiums in car hire. You can rent a child or baby carseat and a GPS device (SatNav) which we highly recommend; if not for anything else, at least it will save your marriage!

Cars drive on the left just like Britain so expect a left driving car arrangement. Petrol stations are attended but have facilities for self-service should you need to fill up out-of-hours.


Cyprus-holidays-water-parks-icon  Cyprus Holidays Water Parks

If you are spending your holidays to Cyprus with children, or even if you don’t, do take a day to visit one of the three water parks in Cyprus.

There is one in each of the major holiday spots : Pafos, Limassol, and Ayia Napa. They are excellently equipped with changing rooms, coffee shops and loungers and they promise an unforgettable day. They even have lifeguards on duty for your peace of mind.

Your toddlers and small children will enjoy their own special paddling pools and age-appropriate rides, whereas teenagers and the more adventurous among us will appreciate the more daring attractions. Your Cyprus Holidays will not be complete without a day at the waterpark. Do slap on your sunscreen and follow the instructor’s guidelines while going down that water slide!



Written by Anthea Papa