mountain  Cyprus Mountains | Troodos Mountains Tour

Say you stay in Limassol and you want to go up the Cyprus Mountains.

Here’s a tour for the best of Troodos Mountains.

First go to Lefkara, a village known for its handicrafts, especially lace. Continue to Kornou and Peristerona, then on to Astromeritis on your way to the most famous and wealthiest of the Byzantine monasteries on the island, that of Kykkos monastery. Since you are almost there, why not climb to the highest peak of Troodos Mountains, Olympus peak? Now that you checked that, come down to Platres village, then to Omodos picturesque village. And that’s it! Back to the beach you go!



Cyprus-walking-tours  Cyprus Mountains | Walking Tours


Walking is such a gentle exercise and to be honest, you want to exercise a bit in order to make up for the lavish cyprus food you are going to have during your Cyprus Holidays. The good news is, there are plenty of walking trails in the gorgeous nature of the cyprus mountains and not just the mountains. For example:

Walk after you have visited the church of Mary of Asinou, a 12th century church. The nearby trail is about 3.5 m long and ends to the small village of St Theodoros.
bullet-star-yellow If you make it to the Olympus peak, the highest on the island, you will find many walking trails. Deep breaths, now, you are on top of the world!
bullet-star-yellowFor a 12 mile walking trail in Cyprus, start from the village of Pedoulas and go downhill. Hmm, I might try this one if it is downhill! If you are there during June, you can taste the famous Pedoulas cherries.
bullet-star-yellow Near Pafos, there is a circular trail around Aphrodite’s Baths in Akamas peninsula.
bullet-star-yellowWalk 11 miles from Kathikas to St George tis Pegeias (Agios Georgios tis Pegeias), near the sea. This walk is near Pafos as well and since you end up in a fishing village, guess what! This walk is downhill too!



cyprus-mountains-trails  Walking opportunities

These are just a few of the walking opportunities you can have while travelling around Cyprus. For the most dedicated among you, there are plenty of hard-core walking tours to be experienced.

bullet-star-yellowA circular trail starts from Agros to Kato Mylos and back.
bullet-star-yellowAnother one is from Alona to Petrou Vanezi and back (circular).
bullet-star-yellowNear Pafos, you can go to Ariadni- Gerakies, and back as this is a circular one too.
bullet-star-yellowIn case your driver would rather drive and wait for you in the other end, you can start from Agros and finish in Madari.