cyprus-tourism-guided-coach-tours  Cyprus Tourism | Guided Coach Tours

If you don’t want to bother your pretty little head with itineraries, preparations and decisions, hop on a bus and let them drive you around. The bus will most probably stop at a nice restaurant, but ask first to make sure what is included in your chosen Cyprus Tours by bus.


cyprus-tourist-attractions-boat-trips  Cyprus Tourist Attractions | Boat trips 

Then again you might prefer the salty sea wind in your face and opt for a boat tour. There are so many boat tours to consider and every major coastal city will have plenty to choose from. What about octopus or shark fishing in the open waters? That’s one of the unique Cyprus tourist attractions. Scuba diving anyone? Perhaps in a shipwreck site? Or perhaps you will go for an easy day tour with lots of swimming opportunities. If, on the other hand you prefer to avoid the sunrays, go for an evening boat trip, perhaps one that involves fireworks and a fine meal! 



cyprus-tourism-jeep-safaris  Cyprus Tours | Jeep Safaris

Another option is to go on a Jeep Safari on the Mountains for off-road adventures. The deal is the same with the bus tours- carefree touring! – with the added advantage of small group camaraderie. Cyprus Tours by Jeep Safaris are very affordable if you are a company of adults all contributing towards it. And don’t forget, you can learn a lot from your driver/guide! So don’t be shy, do ask questions!



cyprus-tours-self-drive  Cyprus Tourism | Self-drive tours

I hear you. You want your independence. You want to start and stop and take your time or hurry through. You want to do it YOUR way. Fine, I am with you. That’s why we have compiled the self-touring guide section below. We tell you what’s worth seeing and all the Cyprus tourist attractions and make suggestions of tours, but nothing is set in stone. Pick and choose and away you go! Enjoy Cyprus tourism your way!



cyprus-mountains-trails  Cyprus Tours – The central one 

(Larnaca, Nicosia, Troodos Mountains, Limassol)

Explore the major cities and the central part of the island with this self-drive tour:

Start in Larnaca, head to the capital Nicosia and enjoy the day in the old city. Go up the Troodos Mountains and visit the Panagia Podithou church, with its glorious frescoes, which are totally worth seeing as they are considered prime example of the Cyprus Tourist attractions. Continue to Kakopetria, a picturesque village dated from the 14th century. And if you think this is old, wait until you see the village of Omodos, which has been settled since the 4th century!!

Going back down, Limassol has a great beach, cool shopping and two castles to explore: Limassol Castle and Kolossi castle. The ruins don’t stop there. Curium ( Ancient Kourion) is a ruin site that will take your breath away. The massive theatre is just one of the cyprus tourist attractions.

You cannot leave the island without visiting the famous birthplace of Venus, the ancient goddess of love. Aphrodite’s Rock the signature place of Cyprus Tourism, has a great beach for one last splash in the water.



cyprus-tourist-attractions-bicycle-tours  Cyprus Tourist Attractions – Bicycle tours

For an action packed holiday, use your trusted two-wheel friend, your bicycle. Here are some ideas of the places you can explore on your bike. For more details, do check our Cyprus Holidays – Bicycling page.

Easy Bicycling Tour: Go around the Athalassa Park in Nicosia. The paved road and the short distance makes it an easy route for beginners.


Start from Larnaka’s Beach and go west to Halal Teke Mosque and Meneou – a distance of 18 km on flat roads.

Difficult Bicycling Tours: Go up, up, uphill and yet more uphill to Troodos. Do you have a good bike with plenty of gears and the stamina to keep going for 36 gruelling km in a variety of terrains? Go from Troodos square to Agios Nikolaos Stegis and back to Troodos. Forewarned and forearmed!

* Find these Cyprus bicycling tours and many other in the  online publication of KOT Cyprus on Cyprus Cycling routes. Click the link above to view the publication online!






cyprus-tours-larnaca  Cyprus Tourist attractions in Larnaca

Larnaca, like many of the major cities in Cyprus, are full of tourist attractions. Here’s a suggested itinerary:

bullet-star-yellowVisit the church of St Lazarus ( shown in the Larnaca salt lake map link below), and the byzantine museum next door for some impressive gold artefacts

bullet-star-yellowdrive to the salt lake and watch the flamingos;
bullet-star-yellowvisit the Hala Sultan Tekke Mosque and while you are there, taste the salt in adjacent salt lake.
bullet-star-yellowTake the children to the Camel Park in Mazotos for a great day out. You can ride and feed the camels and enjoy the rest of the animals on site. After all, you don’t see ostriches, deer and kangaroos every day!
bullet-star-yellowDon’t miss the Stavrovouni monastery. Pack a picnic and enjoy some fantastic views!


( Click Links above to see photos and click markers to see more info)


cyprus-tours-larnaca  Cyprus Tours | Beach tours near Larnaca, Cyprus

Right in front of Larnaca is the Finikoudes beach. Once you checked it out, you have the option of going westto the Makenzie beach and Castela beach (near Larnaca’s Castle) and Faros beach (near Pervolia), or go east and frolic in the water in the following beaches: Dasaki beach (Pyla beach), Yanathes Beach (Oroklini), CTO (Cyprus Tour Organisation), and Dhekelia Beach.




cyprus-tours-larnaca  Larnaca quirky tours

Every country has its own cultural flavour and a tourist can feel it through festivals, food and touristy souvenir shops. But there are always little deviations from the rule, little quirky gems that make you smile. If you are after them and you have seen the rest of the standard Cyprus tourist attractions, and you are in Larnaca, don’t forget to visit  the following two  near Larnaca.
bullet-star-yellow The owl museum. Hey, that’s one of the four in the world. Perhaps your goal is to visit all of them? The rest are in Malaysia, South Africa and Korea, by the way.

bullet-star-yellow The Petreon Sculpture Park. A park/showcase of the artwork of the artist couple Savvas Koulendros and Stavroula Mbirou-Koulendrou. The Petreon Park will be eye-candy for those who love cacti, as it has a collection of over 200 kinds of cacti. Aren’t cacti the quirkiest of nature’s plants? Love them!