Cyprus-weather-basics  Cyprus Weather -  The Basics

If you were in school you would learn that the Cyprus weather is called semi-arid, which means not much rain. Your geography teacher would probably call Cyprus weather subtropical/Mediterranean which again, means hot like the tropics, but without the rain (and the humidity and the lush vegetation and exotic birds that come with the word tropical).

Now, not much rain can be a problem, especially when we consider the problems some of the small Greek islands have, especially during the summer: Water shortages are so severe a visitor has a hard time taking a leisurely shower.

Before you bolt out of the door never to consider Cyprus as a holiday destination ever again, thank the Troodos Mountain which gets its fair share of rain (and snow) and thus stores enough water for the everyday needs of the residents and the tourists alike. Even with Troodos, the truth is that if you are used to the “green and pleasant land” of old Albion, you will find Cyprus to be a prime example of “brownery” rather than “greenery”.

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cyprus-weather-seasons-icon  Cyprus Weather -  Seasons

I used to live in a tropical country and we used to joke that there were four seasons indeed: “hot, hot, hot and hotter”. The weather in Cyprus as far as seasons are concerned could be described as follows: Mild winters, hot summers, and incredibly pleasant spring and autumn.

Mild winters

Hot summers

Incredibly Pleasant Spring and Autumn



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*Note : Athalassa Stations is at Nicosia & Prodromos station is at Troodos Mountains


cyprus-weather-winter  Wintery Cyprus Weather 

The winters are mild enough that Cypriots refuse to use their central heating, preferring instead to employ an alternative heating medium such as a gas stove for the evening hours only. And why should they not?

The average temperature of Cyprus Weather during the winter season in Cyprus is 22 °C during the day and seldom below 13°C. It rains occasionally, but it is certainly not an everyday occurrence. In the mountains though, it is not unusual to have snowfall and many keep snow chains in their garage for their cars so they can visit the four skiing pistas in Chionistra peak. And yes, you guessed it, if you live in a house in Troodos Mountains, you do need heating in your house.

By the time February rolls over, however, the almond trees have bloomed to form a sea of pink fragrant blossoms and while the locals latch on to their winter apparel, you can easily forgo your coat and go about your business in lighter clothing.


Cyprus Weather temperatures for December, January, and February:

Cyprus weather December

Average temperature for Cyprus Weather December is 16°C. It is the month of Christmas, right? You should wear scarves and boots, right? Even if it is 20°C?

Cyprus weather January

Average temperature for Cyprus Weather January is 15°C. There is a period of very sunny days in January, called The Halcyon Days. Take advantage of the off season period and come over to get some precious vitamin D.

Cyprus weather February

Average temperature for Cyprus Weather January is 17°CThe weather in Cyprus is turning. Februrary weather in Cyprus screams: “Spring is coming!”


 Cyprus-weather-spring Weather Cyprus- Spring time

Spring starts in March and the temperature begins to rise. Some rain might fall, and the wildflowers in the meadows will enjoy a short blooming period but not for long.

After Easter which is usually in the month of April, the weather warms up significantly and it is time to pack the heavier clothes for good and bring out the summer ones. The brave ones start swimming!


Cyprus Weather temperatures for March, April, May in Cyprus.

Cyprus weather March

Average temperature for Cyprus Weather March is 17°CWeather Cyprus March can be obnoxious. You might have a heatwave one week and a snowstorm the next. What can I say? March is crazy.

Cyprus weather April

Average temperature for Cyprus Weather April is 19°CWeather Cyprus April is spring-y until Easter and summery after that.

Cyprus weather May

Average temperature for Cyprus Weather May is 23°C. Weather Cyprus May is the time our family starts going to the beach regularly. Come join us!


Cyprus-weather-summer  Summer Weather in Cyprus

Summery weather in Cyprus means only one thing = soaring temperatures. As you are on holidays, you will have to pity the locals that go back and forth to work and errands. For you, life will be simple, as life should be when you are on holidays.

The weather in Cyprus will only help make your holidays better. Stay on the beach or go to the mountains to cool down or to a water park and call it good. Just make sure you stay hydrated, keep a hat on and put on sunscreen to protect yourself from the harsh sunrays. You don’t want your Cyprus holidays to be ruined by a nasty heatstroke now, do you?By the way, where else in Europe you will find a summer that lasts most of the year? Consider summer starting in April and lasting until November! That’s 8 months out of 12, or ¾ of the year for those of you who are mathematically inclined.


Cyprus Weather temperatures for June, July, August

Cyprus weather June

Average temperature for Cyprus Weather March is 26°C June weather in Cyprus is just tolerable for the children in school. The beaches are not crowded yet. Now is your chance to have the beach all to yourself!

Cyprus weather July

Average temperature for Cyprus Weather March is 30°C.The mercury is rising! Weathe in Cyprus in July can be hot, but not bearable.

Cyprus weather August

Average temperature for Cyprus Weather March is 35C. The Cyprus weather in August is too hot of the locals who try to escape the inland areas of the island and come in hoards to the coastal ones. Still plenty of space for all of us. August weather in Cyprus certainly calls for laid-back, lazy days near the water.



cyprus-weather-autumn   Weather Cyprus in Autumn

If I were you and I could, I would come to spend my Cyprus holidays during the autumn. Let’s see why: The weather is still very warm, you can still wear your light summer clothes (even until the end of October) and the sea water is still pleasant from the summer. The beaches won’t be so crowded and the sun won’t be so harsh.


Cyprus Weather temperatures for 

September, October, and November:

Cyprus Weather September

Average temperature for Cyprus Weather September is 27°C. Consider it Summer.

Cyprus weather October

Average temperature for Cyprus Weather October is 26°C. The crowds have gone home, school has started, but the Cyprus weather is still glorious.

Cyprus weather- November

Average temperature for Cyprus Weather Novermber is 26°C. You can still swim in the sea, but the locals will think you are crazy.




cyprus-weather-rain  Rainy Weather in Cyprus

If you are used to the constant dripping of rain, you are in for a surprise in Cyprus. The Cyprus weather is pretty dry, so chances are you are not going to meet any rain during your stay, but in case you do, be prepared for a short, fast and furious rainfall that is usually over in ten minutes or so, even in winter. Other times the cloudy and rainy weather in Cyprus will persist for a two or three days maximum.

Raining during the summer is extremely rare, but I always enjoy it when it happens. It is not only the drop of temperature that offers temporal relief, it is the drama that accompanies it. The sudden rainstorm comes with impressive lightning and dark clouds, stays for ten minutes and clears up as sudden as it came. The air is so clear and fresh afterwards and the parched soil drinks up the water fast; you can even see the soil steaming! The best part is the fresh soil smell that lingers on after a summer rainstorm. I almost feel guilty of describing the summer rainstorm because the Cyprus weather is usually dry, especially during the summer, so I bet you won’t get to see one and smell the freshness… sorry!



 Cyprus-weather-faq Weather in Cyprus – FAQ

cyprus-weather-faqFirst of all, how warm is the sea in Cyprus?

Let’s say that the average year round is 22 °C. During August, the water is around 28 °C. Compare this to a typical water temperature in Margate, UK of 15 °C for the month of August. Quite a difference huh? No need to bring your wetsuits in Cyprus unless you want to go scuba diving! 

And what about the air temperature? A sunny summery day in Margate or Cornwall is considered one that sets the mercury to 21°C. Well, that’s the average cyprus weather temperature during winter! Expect temperatures as high as 35 °C in the coastal areas, and even hotter during August in the inland areas of the island, unless you are in the Mountains.

cyprus-weather-faqWhat should I wear on my holiday?

During Summer Cyprus Weather: Light summery clothes in light colours are the best. Don’t forget your sunhat, sunglasses and sunscreen. You might want to bring a light cardigan. Chances are you will use it on the airplane rather than on the island unless you plan to spend time indoors in airconditioned places and you are sensitive to the temperature fluctuation.

cyprus-weather-faqThe rest of the year: If you visit Cyprus during the rest of the year, opt for layers so you can be always prepared. Unless you plan to go skiing on mount Troodos- then you will need the normal winter gear: gloves, scarf, etc.

cyprus-weather-faqWill I be able to sleep at night or will it be too hot?

You will be able to enjoy a good nights’ sleep because the temperatures drop in the evening. If you have heard horror stories of 37 °C at midnight, well, forget them. It won’t happen in Cyprus.

cyprus-weather-faqWhat about air-conditioning?

Yes, air-conditioning is widely available. Almost all rental cars come equipped with air-condition and so do hotels, restaurants, rental villas, banks and other public places.

cyprus-weather-faqIs Cyprus Weather humid ?

Weather in Cyprus can be humid in coastal areas, but it will not be sticky humid. The average humidity is around 40% during summer. The heat is rather dry and thus well tolerated.

cyprus-weather-faqSo, how many hours of sunshine should I expect?

A whooping 11 hours of sunshine between April and September! Aphrodite knew which place to choose for her birthplace, don’t you agree?

cyprus-weather-faqIs it windy in Cyprus?

If you mean a light, pleasant breeze, then yes. If you mean gales of wind, then no. If you mean wind sufficient for windsurfing, yes, yes and yes. The winds are usually steady and the bays are protected enough to make it ideal for beginners. More experienced windsurfers will feel confident to find their fix out in the open. Other wind-related activities are available, such as kite surfing.


Written by Anthea Papa