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Cyprus-Holidays-orrange-bullet The Cypriot flag depicts the map of Cyprus in a coopery yellow colour that reminds us of the large copper ore deposits in its earth.

Cyprus-Holidays-orrange-bullet The two olive branches represent the wish for peaceful co-existence between the two major historical cultures on the island: Greek Cypriots and Turkish Cypriots.

Cyprus-Holidays-orrange-bullet You probably know that Cyprus is a divided island ( cyprus history timeline ). Your Cyprus Holidays need not be.


This website is dedicated to your peaceful holidays, and has adopted the copper yellow and olive-leaf green as its colours, inspired by the Cypriot flag. Like the Cyprus flag colours and symbols, we wish you peace and harmony.

Enjoy your Cyprus Holidays! 

  • Come over, do climb the cyprus mountains. You will find showers painted diamond waterfalls and slopes so tall they touch...
  • Hinged in the slopes of Troodos Mountains are villages that were once the pride of the Cypriot independent spirit...
  • When you bike in Cyprus you feel the sense of freedom you felt the first time ever you balanced...
  • We will try to acquaint you with the Cyprus cuisine so as to get familiar with the traditional Cyprus...
  • Rather poetic, huh? Come over, do climb the cyprus mountains. You will find showers painted diamond waterfalls and slopes so tall they touch the clouds. Come...

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  • Cyprus Hotels

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  • Cyprus is a small island in the eastern Mediterranean. It is situated at the edge of three continents, Europe, Asia and Africa.  This prime...

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  • The Cyprus cuisine is based on the famous Mediterranean diet which has been hailed by the experts as the best diet for a healthy...

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  • Cyprus Airports

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We would love to hear about your best experiences, your most interesting information on your Cyprus stay, your top cyprus tour tips... anything about CYprus that you'd love to share. If you've been to Cyprus and you have become a fancy Cyprus person as much as we are, please share your Cyprus travel stories with us! I'd love to try them on our next vacation and I'm sure others who visit this site will thank you, too!


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